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The Soma-Psyche Institute

The Soma-Psyche Institutetm was created to provide bodywork practitioners and body
oriented therapists with a body centered, integrated healing approach to their work with clients.

The growing recognition that the body is central to all forms of therapeutic healing, the refinement and sophistication of bodywork skills and techniques, and the common experience that body centered healing can touch the deepest psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual dimensions of clients has inspired the unique therapeutic programs of the Soma-Psyche Institute.

These programs bring together highly trained professionals in the fields of Bodywork, Body Centered Counseling, Somatic Intuition and Gestalt Therapy to provide students with practical training in somatic process work and a multi-leveled understanding of the healing process. In addition to nationally registered training programs in Polarity and Craniosacral Therapy, and a diverse program of workshops and lectures, the Soma-Psyche Institute offers training seminars in Body Centered Counselingand Somatic Intuition (a workshop series


designed to help participants systematically enhance, develop, and understand their natural intuition and bring a refined intuitive attunement to their ongoing work). The Institute also provides an advanced training program in Somatic Intuitive Dialoging that integrates Somatic Intuition, the process tracking and awareness skills of Gestalt Therapy and the nuanced communication skills of Depth Listening into a unique and flexible treatment modality for bodyworkers, body oriented therapists and healing professionals.

The Soma-Psyche Institute tm also has an extensive network of practitioners in various forms of bodywork, body oriented therapy, Somatic Intuitive Dialoging and Gestalt Therapy and will provide information or referrals to those interested in working with, or seeking a consultation with professionals in these healing modalities.


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