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June 13 & 14, July 11 & 12, August 8 & 9, 2020
10 am – 6 pm



This course is designed for body therapy practitioners who would like to explore integrating Craniosacral Therapy into their practices. It consists of three weekend seminars at 4-week intervals (a total of six days).


The seminars are taught with an integrated approach combining theory, anatomy, practice sessions and discussion of class process. Our goal is to build a foundation of basic skills and principles and to create a base for further study. Cranial work challenges the practitioner to develop new palpation and listening skills and to explore the primary life impulses within the body. Students prepare for seminars by completing reading assignments and doing practice sessions. Required books for the training are Cranial Intelligence by Ged Sumner & Steve Haines and Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter.



◆ Introduction to William Sutherland's essential discoveries, concepts and practices, and an overview of the contributions of Becker, Upledger, Sills, Shea and others.

◆ Core concepts of the work.


◆ Awareness of sacred space.


◆ Establishing basic "presence" and perceptual skills.


◆ Learning to sense and hold the resonance of "primary respiration."


◆ Learning basic contact positions such as the Vault Hold, Occipital Cradle and Sacrum Hold.


◆ Understanding stillpoints and stillness as part of the body's balancing and healing process.


◆ Resources for further study.


Students interested in deepening their studies in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can continue their training at Soma-Psyche Institute’s Craniosacral Certification Program. This program includes two advanced one-day seminars, 20 documented practice sessions and 4 Craniosacral sessions received by an advanced practitioner. Contact Reese for further details.


REESE WILLIAMS, LAc. has been practicing somatic therapies for more than 37 years. His education includes Washington University (BFA), the University of California at Berkeley (MFA), the Tri-State College of Acupuncture, Stillpoint CST, Polarity Wellness Center, The Upledger Institute and many individual teachers, including Franklyn Sills, Michael Shea, John Upledger, Kiiko Matsumoto and Joseph Campbell. For more information, contact Reese at reese96@gmail.com or reesewilliams.net.


All classes will meet at the Soma Psyche Institute, 122 W. 26 St. #702 (bet. 6 & 7 Ave.) Cost of the training is $885 with payments of $295 made one month in advance of each weekend seminar. The first payment is due by May 15 to reserve your space in the training. All seminars take place Sat. & Sun. from 10 am – 6 pm. To register for the course, contact Ellen Krueger, Director of Soma-Psyche Institute at (212) 691-6482 or ellen@soma-psycheinstitute.com. Checks can be made out to Soma-Psyche Institute and mailed to Ellen Krueger at 122 W. 26 St. #702, 10001.


Class size is limited to 6 students, so register early!


Credits for the Craniosacral Therapy Program can be applied toward the RPP/BCPP Polarity Training Program.


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